Mr KordiabÉ›’s House (cont.)

KordiabÉ› took pride in managing his new home. He cleaned the gutters, cleared the weeds and swept everyday. Sometimes he sat under the ‘aluguntugun‘ tree wondering what will compel a man to abandon such a magnificent structure. But just for a minute or two. It is not his place to wonder at another man’s fooli – erm – sorry – decisons. It wasnt his place to wonder at another’s decisions.

He’d visited the welder a few days ago to get the estimate for a nice gate for the house. It’s not like he wants to lock someone’s house and keep oo. Like that hustler ‘borga‘ thought, the cheap bastard. Just that he’d planted foods that need protection from the wayward goats. He looked up at the electricity cables going into the next house and thought for a few seconds. He needs to find a way to illuminate his house. Darkness can be very deceptive. That is how that rat of a man sneaked into the bedroom downstairs one night. It took ‘sheer takashi‘ to get rid of him.

Right so cables it is. Nobody encroaches on a house with electricity supply. A few metres long and it will get him at least two lines out of his neighbour’s three. It’s not that he’s a power thief or anything o. But the hassle he will go through to get power directly from ECG is just too much. Afterall he’s a temporary occupant. No need amassing electricity bills for his ‘borga’ to come pay. They won’t even notice the tap. He will only use it for lights to fend off the rats in human form and maybe a radio. That’s all.