The Sun Is Gone


Once again the sun is gone
Left us all alone
With the cold harsh clouds
Crying their icy tears on us
Left us all alone
With the wicked winds
Chafing our lips, biting our flesh
But we will not despair
We will make our own heat
From the warmth in our speech
To the rise from our chimneys
We will prevail
Till the sun returns


Sun Kissed

wp-1462620893329.jpgPeaking over the clouds
Warm and comforting
Shedding brightness
Leaves spread wide
To receive glory rays
Kisses from the sun

Birds perch at river banks
Wings spread wide
Taking in the sweet glow
Of rays that promise
To stay forever but don’t
A fleeting sun’s kissimage

Vermicelli Stir-fry

Vermicelli shrimp fry

A good way to reinvent the old boring Stir fry recipes sans the weight of a Starchy element is to use vermicelli         It is light and I can have two servings; still sleep easy 😛.

Dice onions, orange bell peppers, spinach Clean your shrimps or you can just use Minced meat or diced bacon             Totally your choice 😘

Toss your ingredients into a hot pan; Add one table spoon vegetable oil; Or just 2 mins, no more no less; Add 2 tablespoons of chilli spice blend; Recipe for that will come in a bit 😎; One stock cube; Season to seduce your taste buds


Good Chicken


Now the key to good chicken
Is spice
Collected in right proportions
Spread lusciously over the skin
Provoked with a tinge of lemon
Encased in firm wrapping
For as long as
That chicken will take

But good chicken
Still gotta be cooked
Take it over hot flames
Not too hot
Nobody likes singed chicken skin
Cook it good but not too long
Dry chicken is a bore
Keep it moist and luxurious

Now this recipe here
Age old and perfect
Keep to it
And you’ll love your chicken
Ever so soft and tasty
Don’t forget a tinge
We’ll a little more
Of salt

Fuck it good chicken
Is just what it is
Good and ready for unwrapping
Cook it right out of the pack
If it tastes like gutter
Then it wasn’t good
And no spice
Will bring that goodness back

Apologies to my colon

I apologise
For the late night spicy food
The hurriedly chewed
Caramelised almond nuts
The tomato skin
That missed the blender

I apologise
It’s not like this
Isn’t a mutually shared pain
Here sitting on tippy toes
Toes curled in
Hand massaging some
Semblance of sooth into you

I apologise
My fingers still burn lightly
From yesterday’s pepper
I can only imagine
What you’re going through
But these spices are unavoidable

I apologise
And you need to toughen up
I’ll still have the spice
But not so late a time
About the tomato skin
Who doesn’t love a good salad huh

I apologise
Tomorrow we’ll be back here
Sitting on tippy toes
Toes curled inwards
Spine twisted to abate pain
For just a moment
Then it’ll be over

Forgotten Gifts

Wake up to a clawing feel of neglect and disappointment with a tinge of amazement at what used to be created. Wondering if such a mind ever existed and if it has been so short a time. How skills and gifts can be overlooked for what is deemed ‘important’ or ‘relevant’. That a part of you fades away every day.

Wake up with the same feeling, guilt so strong you can’t reminisce on what was before. Even a reminder no matter how painful can be an overwhelming trigger. That the mind that once was will vibrate to life with a quick glance into the dusty box full of gifts once brandished.

Wake up one more time to the ringing in ears that have not heard. The urge that finds other ways to burst forth; however evil the way. The realisation that a gift that once was might just be. Or maybe not. That such a short time can change a person in the most horrifying way. That good things can be lost and forgotten. As bad things thrive and fester.

Wake up with a pounding at the temple. The urge fights to be released. The mind is in disarray. Nothing fits quite right. Something is missing. Something is lost. Something that was once warm and fulfilling has been in comatose. So short but so long that it’s a struggle to resurrect a thing that was deliberately forgotten.Forgotten_umbrella


walk, run, sprint
talk, shout, scream
brandish ownership
show fearlessness
crawl, creep, slither
manifest subtle manoeuvres
make monotonic presentations

sparkle, quiver, flicker
laugh, giggle, chuckle
extend wholesomeness
furnish affectionateness
twirl, curl, smoothen
consecrate feelings erotically
exhibit tender lovingness

gamble, scatter, fix
make, break, try
discover adventures
experience unknown territories
reach, grab, arrest
explore new beginnings
grasp fresh outcomes

unseen, unabashed, unlimited
walk, sparkle, gamble
run, quiver, fix
brandish ownership
furnish affectionateness
scream, giggle, smoothen
manifest subtle manoeuvres
exhibit tender lovingness
grasp fresh outcomes
experience unknown territories