Love Scenes I

He sat down on the cut out tree stump, thrust his feet out in a spasm and sighed heavily. He smiled satisfactorily, watching her bend out of the kitchen whilst balancing two flowered aluminum bowls on her hands. She looked up after gaining her balance and smiled back at the admiration she saw in his eyes. “S3 wehu w’akwaju s3m? sori na b3 bua mi.” She said jokingly. “No I won’t. Serve me like the good man I am.” He got up as she got to his makeshift wooden table, grabs one bowl and removes the lid. He drew in the good smell of groundnut soup and took a gulp, stopped after swallowing to widen his eyes at her. “This is delicious.” He said softly. “You always say that when I give you food.” “Yes I do, that’s because you’re delicious.” He placed the bowl of soup carefully on the table and made a grab at her waist. She turned her back to him, giggling and pretending to fight his advances. She felt his soft partial arousal and turned with a warning stare. “Kwaku, you’ll make me drop this banku ooo. Gyae nea wuuy3 nu.” He smiled and whispered into her ears, rubbing his hand on her lower abdomen. “You know I love you right?” He felt her relax in his arms and turn to him with that shy smile. “It’s okay. Wutirimu y3 wu d3. Now feed me.” He spanked her lightly on her ass. She set the bowl of banku down and quickly dashed back into the kitchen to get them a bowl of water.

She returned only to see him halfway through a ball of banku and going. “I thought you’ll wait for me or at least wash your hand.” “Oh please, you’ve been in the kitchen with the food all this while. I won’t wait for you and not washing my hand will not kill me.” “Stop and wash your hand.” She commanded. He stared at her for a second and chuckled. He went on mouthing balls of banku and groundnut soup. “Kwaku I said stop and wash your hand!” She quickly set the bowl of water on the floor and reached for his hand. “Herh, n’adi3n na wuuy3 nu?” He raised one leg and let out a huge fart. She jumped back in a scurry and grabbed her nose. “Ah Kwaku wata?” “Aani mata. S3 wuuhami. Wahami saaa wama mata.” She takes two more steps back as the atrocious gas crawls towards her. “Kwaku wei dier wu sh33da. Ahn. Wuyem n’abon saa? Ewos3 wusa.” “As usual baby. Your food is delicious.” He smacked his lips and licked soup off his fingers; ignoring her last comment on his bowel health. “I can’t believe you’re still eating in that smelly area.” “What smelly area? No be my own tuss?” She laughed at that and headed back into the kitchen. “And where are you going? Come eat.” “I’m going for my separate share. I’m not inhaling that poison with you.”