Will You Remember My Voice?

When the lure of sweet dreams

Is too great to step out of

When the peace within

Surpasses the turmoils of life alive

When constant surety of darkness

Is as enticing as supple breasts

Will you remember my voice?

When weight on my chest

Bores me down into the abyss

When lights fade in the distance

And the night is pleasant

When music plays no more

Dancing a thing of memory

Will you remember my voice?

When I shut my eyes

Never to open them again

When I close my palms

Never to feel a touch again

When I keep quiet

Never to scream again

Will you remember my voice?

We Are All Mad

Oh what it is to love

Pain suffered and inflicted by self

Oh for the sweet fill of the sun above

Infatuation and reaction engulf

We are all mad

Struggling with unrealistic notions

Swooning in uncontrollable motions

Crying in unrequited intentions

Dying in non existent perceptions

We are all mad

For the tingling feels

Creeping up spines

Restless in dissatisfied reels

Bound in arresting vines

We are all mad

Let the dance continue for the music

​When the lights go off

And the music stops

The wheels cease turning 

But the dancing continues

Deep into the night it continues

Involuntary memory spasms

Uncontrollable gyratings

For music that lasts centuries

Music that stays in the mind

Music that trickles into the limbs

In movement

Like honey trickling down tongues

In violence

Like the meet of wood and metal

In ecstasy

Like the afterglow of good cum

Like the pupil dilating drug

All so intoxicating and captivating

Vermicelli Stir-fry

Vermicelli shrimp fry

A good way to reinvent the old boring Stir fry recipes sans the weight of a Starchy element is to use vermicelli         It is light and I can have two servings; still sleep easy 😛.

Dice onions, orange bell peppers, spinach Clean your shrimps or you can just use Minced meat or diced bacon             Totally your choice 😘

Toss your ingredients into a hot pan; Add one table spoon vegetable oil; Or just 2 mins, no more no less; Add 2 tablespoons of chilli spice blend; Recipe for that will come in a bit 😎; One stock cube; Season to seduce your taste buds