Sun Kissed

wp-1462620893329.jpgPeaking over the clouds
Warm and comforting
Shedding brightness
Leaves spread wide
To receive glory rays
Kisses from the sun

Birds perch at river banks
Wings spread wide
Taking in the sweet glow
Of rays that promise
To stay forever but don’t
A fleeting sun’s kissimage

Vermicelli Stir-fry

Vermicelli shrimp fry

A good way to reinvent the old boring Stir fry recipes sans the weight of a Starchy element is to use vermicelli         It is light and I can have two servings; still sleep easy 😛.

Dice onions, orange bell peppers, spinach Clean your shrimps or you can just use Minced meat or diced bacon             Totally your choice 😘

Toss your ingredients into a hot pan; Add one table spoon vegetable oil; Or just 2 mins, no more no less; Add 2 tablespoons of chilli spice blend; Recipe for that will come in a bit 😎; One stock cube; Season to seduce your taste buds