Mr Kordiabɛ’s House

He lived in a ‘shwɛ su mame’ partially completed house at Kasoa, Akweley junction. He was lucky this time. The ‘borga’ whose building he lived in this time had roofed the 5 bedroom house and even added sliding windows. Unlike his previous ‘borga’ who was quite the ungrateful bastard when he found him in his unroofed house.

All he’d done was save up some money for aluminum sheets and roofed a third of the building. That’s to the paranoid man’s benefit! And yet, he bamboozled his way into his own home with 3 macho men. All for frail Kordiabɛ; accusing him of encroachment, intent to confiscate, all sorts of hurtful words.

That hustler ‘borga’ should have been grateful he’d saved him cost of roofing a part of his unplastered house. But this new house is fine! See it’s not everyone who is a proper ‘borga’. There are ‘borgas’ and then there are ‘borgas’.

He walked around the house with his arms firmly clasped behind his back, chest out, inspecting everything. He’d planted some pepper, okra, tomato, yam, watermelon and a few other foods on the one plot left around the house. He nodded his head as he inspected the rest of the compound. Indeed there are ‘borgas’ and there are ‘borgas’.


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