Happy Father’s Day Nana

Commitment to your girls
Love, unconditional and unending
Responsibility you’ve taken without qualms
These are the things Akua and Anguah truly appreciate of you

When you had to ‘scooch’ to the edge of the bed
When you had to heat up water for us to bath
When you splashed and bought us nice things
These are the things Owusua and Annorkor appreciate about you

When we cried and sang at 2am while you had exam in the morning
When you were late for your appointment for we didn’t want you to go
The pride you feel when you look at us we feel it too
We love you, Happy Father’s Day

You are appreciated
From the ‘googoos and gaagaas’ of Owusua to the loud ‘Hahahahas’ of Anguah
You make these sounds possible
You make us proud every single day
We love you
Happy Father’s Day Nana