Raging admiration

You’re beautiful, precious
An infectious smile that never quivers or wanes
Skin like caramelized porcelain
Such brightness and radiance
Throwing all that care-free sheen in ceremony
I envy you, i do
But i’m not you, and all i really want
No, all i really need is to touch you
Run the pads of my fingers on that silken smoothness
Close my eyes and wonder how such perfection could exist
Let me worship you and be your slave

I steal glances at you
When your god-awful jokes induce awkwardness
Haha, it makes you dimple with slight embarassment
There i see the imperfection
Lack of humour and comic genious
And i hate it, i do
What’s a world without laughter?
How do you survive daily without humour?
Ah yes. i know how
It’s that body, makes up for every blunder you make
Let me succumb to you and grovel

You hardly notice me really
Too busy being seen
The darkness in the corner is a forgotten blur
Watching, loving, lusting, wanting
My skin raises in bumps at the sound of your titter
It riles me, it does
Living in a world of your own
Ignoring the hit and runs
But such flare and display of life
It’s contagious and consuming
Let me take it and use it

You must see this passion
Haven’t i been obvious enough?
Obscuring myself in the background
Hoping to catch your curiosity
Make you want to step into the darkness with me
If you don’t get, too late
I’ll walk on and continue my story elsewhere
Where passion is seen from afar
Interest is nurtured and nursed at the breast
And i promise you’ve missed out on something stirring
Your loss, my loss, their gain, my gain


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