Bones creaking like the hinges of an old door
Weakened ligaments and joints
A step taken, close to an inescapable threshold
A dryness of the skin, subtle changes in senses
A dire need to be what was
A measure of actions and decisions
The final look at what was and what could have been
The final step to what is

A burst of giggles and hand gestures
Bringing forth smiles and pleasure
Full with excitement and joy
Such promise and vitality
No furrowed brows to smoothen
No back tracks to make
Just a continuous flow of movement
The first step to what is

Laughter of unimaginable quality
A warmth around the heart
The flutter of excitement within
That beautiful glitter in the eyes
A need to start a design
To watch a plan grow
That complete feeling, a result from an effort
The first run to what will be

A quirk at the corner of the mouth
A show of knowledge and experience
Observing others’ move to what was
An assessment of actions
A resignation to what has been
The collection of memories bitter and sweet
Preparedness for the unavoidable
The tentative step to what has once been


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