I have the ex syndrome
You come with promises of undiscovered thrones
Working your way into my life
Being friend again like i shut my mind to all those strifes
I don’t have amnesia baby
I remember all you said to me when that other pussy looked real good
I wasn’t good enough, I’m not patient, I’m not all that
Well fuck you and that silly offer for friendship

So i smile and act civilized; doesn’t mean i want you in my life
I’m a full-blown woman with hidden crevices and treasures
Sad you couldn’t enjoy it
Sad you miss it you ungrateful dimwit
Yes you, i called a dimwit
Stuck in your way, confident of your prowess
You only get me if I’m the victim
How am i the victim when i walked away with all that goodness you’ll never have?

All that African sweetness i harness deep inside
All that purity that scared you shitless
But then there you are
The pussy you left me for wasn’t tight enough?
She couldn’t do the thing i did when we did our business huh?
You want that passion don’t you?
You want the scratching while you plough
You want that sweet daddy goodness don’t stop I’ll love you forever huh?

You miss the control, the fights, the difficulty
You crave it huh
The craziness
The obsession
The fuck me harder harder harder harder
Spank me stronger stronger stronger stronger
That caress at the nape of your neck
That soft touch to cool your fever

You want it all back
The darkness
The madness
It eats at you, claws at your insides
Starts you up in the middle night
Wondering where i could be and who’s getting that painful sweetness
And that’s the disease you’ll live with baby
That’ll be your malady


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