Don’t speak

You see i’m that kind of lady
Walking around like the world is my oyster
Saying the funny jokes and making you feel light hearted
Life’s beautiful to me because i have no worries
But you see i have spirit and memories
Scars that have left remnants of bitterness
And i cannot forget
So don’t remind me
Don’t say the things that were said
Show me the love you showed me in my head
Make me live my dream, my fantasy
Don’t speak

I’ll cook that delicious food
Give you that good tight entrapping pussy
I’m yours, do as you will
My principles are secondary to your needs
Just don’t say them
Don’t remind me of that sickness
That darkness, that holocaust
Don’t speak

Ohhh don’t get me wrong i do love you so
Holding me just like i wanted
Marveling at the swell of my breasts
Dying for my skin against yours
Just the way i like it
You know me so well
But don’t remind me
Let it out like a dragon’s spit
Make me turn my head, dissapointed
Don’t speak

You spoke and my heart sank
Said it just like memory did
So i must go
But i don’t want to
Your kiss tells me this is where i belong
I can’t stay
Will not be reminded of the forgotten


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