Dialogue: 25th January

Hello maakyi i think you’re pretty
How can i help you? I am in a hurry

May i know today’s date?
25th January. I must go now, i am late

My name is Bra Kwame
i see, but how does that information benefit me?

Erm may i know your name?
I cant play your game

Oh my dear, m’pawuts3w wai
Sorry i have to be going, your style is very dry

Wait, where do you live?
That i’m afraid i will not give

What’s your PIN? are you on BB?
Let go of my hand, don’t be grabby

I just want to know you
By stepping on my shoe?

Sorry! I mistook it for a pebble
Well i must leave, you’re too much trouble

Hey beautiful lady. how come we keep meeting?
At the same place and time, are you stalking?

No i was passing through. Is this your home?
It’s not. I came to redeem a loan

Let me give you a ride
Do you even know where i reside?

No. But you can show me the way
I’m on my way to get some Payee

I’ll take you. Chicken and spice
My preference is fish and rice

Your smile makes my heart skip a beat
Flattery sets my neck in heat

The world i will lay at your call
Only if you allow your heart to fall

That has already happened, you’re bad
i am because you refuse to make me sad

Come here you, give me that neck
Hahaha i tickle when i get that peck

Hmm you made me cry for this sweetness
You will cry more but it will be a release of happiness


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