walk, run, sprint
talk, shout, scream
brandish ownership
show fearlessness
crawl, creep, slither
manifest subtle manoeuvres
make monotonic presentations

sparkle, quiver, flicker
laugh, giggle, chuckle
extend wholesomeness
furnish affectionateness
twirl, curl, smoothen
consecrate feelings erotically
exhibit tender lovingness

gamble, scatter, fix
make, break, try
discover adventures
experience unknown territories
reach, grab, arrest
explore new beginnings
grasp fresh outcomes

unseen, unabashed, unlimited
walk, sparkle, gamble
run, quiver, fix
brandish ownership
furnish affectionateness
scream, giggle, smoothen
manifest subtle manoeuvres
exhibit tender lovingness
grasp fresh outcomes
experience unknown territories


Love Scenes I

He sat down on the cut out tree stump, thrust his feet out in a spasm and sighed heavily. He smiled satisfactorily, watching her bend out of the kitchen whilst balancing two flowered aluminum bowls on her hands. She looked up after gaining her balance and smiled back at the admiration she saw in his eyes. “S3 wehu w’akwaju s3m? sori na b3 bua mi.” She said jokingly. “No I won’t. Serve me like the good man I am.” He got up as she got to his makeshift wooden table, grabs one bowl and removes the lid. He drew in the good smell of groundnut soup and took a gulp, stopped after swallowing to widen his eyes at her. “This is delicious.” He said softly. “You always say that when I give you food.” “Yes I do, that’s because you’re delicious.” He placed the bowl of soup carefully on the table and made a grab at her waist. She turned her back to him, giggling and pretending to fight his advances. She felt his soft partial arousal and turned with a warning stare. “Kwaku, you’ll make me drop this banku ooo. Gyae nea wuuy3 nu.” He smiled and whispered into her ears, rubbing his hand on her lower abdomen. “You know I love you right?” He felt her relax in his arms and turn to him with that shy smile. “It’s okay. Wutirimu y3 wu d3. Now feed me.” He spanked her lightly on her ass. She set the bowl of banku down and quickly dashed back into the kitchen to get them a bowl of water.

She returned only to see him halfway through a ball of banku and going. “I thought you’ll wait for me or at least wash your hand.” “Oh please, you’ve been in the kitchen with the food all this while. I won’t wait for you and not washing my hand will not kill me.” “Stop and wash your hand.” She commanded. He stared at her for a second and chuckled. He went on mouthing balls of banku and groundnut soup. “Kwaku I said stop and wash your hand!” She quickly set the bowl of water on the floor and reached for his hand. “Herh, n’adi3n na wuuy3 nu?” He raised one leg and let out a huge fart. She jumped back in a scurry and grabbed her nose. “Ah Kwaku wata?” “Aani mata. S3 wuuhami. Wahami saaa wama mata.” She takes two more steps back as the atrocious gas crawls towards her. “Kwaku wei dier wu sh33da. Ahn. Wuyem n’abon saa? Ewos3 wusa.” “As usual baby. Your food is delicious.” He smacked his lips and licked soup off his fingers; ignoring her last comment on his bowel health. “I can’t believe you’re still eating in that smelly area.” “What smelly area? No be my own tuss?” She laughed at that and headed back into the kitchen. “And where are you going? Come eat.” “I’m going for my separate share. I’m not inhaling that poison with you.”


Ejuma y3 wai

Brown skin, glistening in the sun
Puddles of sweat and toil at his feet
He looks up sharply at the clap of thunder
Sighed when he saw just a bull dozer smacking a boulder
Work is good, Ejuma y3
Let your hands provide your body with its air
Its source of existence and growth

Dried heels, crackling at every step
Blue bird slippers with the punch hole in the middle
She turns quickly when she hears the cry
Runs as fast as those holed blue birds will allow
Work is good, Ejuma y3 paa
Smile at the pesewa you get from your labour
Enjoy your fruits, no matter how meager

Clanks of metal hitting metal
Heat waves circling and circling at one spot
They stop when they hear her cry
Wipe hands on oil cloth and head out for the chophouse
Work is good, Ejuma y3 wati
Take a break and enjoy some good tasty waakye
Drink some pure water; leave some for the heat patches


I have the ex syndrome
You come with promises of undiscovered thrones
Working your way into my life
Being friend again like i shut my mind to all those strifes
I don’t have amnesia baby
I remember all you said to me when that other pussy looked real good
I wasn’t good enough, I’m not patient, I’m not all that
Well fuck you and that silly offer for friendship

So i smile and act civilized; doesn’t mean i want you in my life
I’m a full-blown woman with hidden crevices and treasures
Sad you couldn’t enjoy it
Sad you miss it you ungrateful dimwit
Yes you, i called a dimwit
Stuck in your way, confident of your prowess
You only get me if I’m the victim
How am i the victim when i walked away with all that goodness you’ll never have?

All that African sweetness i harness deep inside
All that purity that scared you shitless
But then there you are
The pussy you left me for wasn’t tight enough?
She couldn’t do the thing i did when we did our business huh?
You want that passion don’t you?
You want the scratching while you plough
You want that sweet daddy goodness don’t stop I’ll love you forever huh?

You miss the control, the fights, the difficulty
You crave it huh
The craziness
The obsession
The fuck me harder harder harder harder
Spank me stronger stronger stronger stronger
That caress at the nape of your neck
That soft touch to cool your fever

You want it all back
The darkness
The madness
It eats at you, claws at your insides
Starts you up in the middle night
Wondering where i could be and who’s getting that painful sweetness
And that’s the disease you’ll live with baby
That’ll be your malady

Don’t speak

You see i’m that kind of lady
Walking around like the world is my oyster
Saying the funny jokes and making you feel light hearted
Life’s beautiful to me because i have no worries
But you see i have spirit and memories
Scars that have left remnants of bitterness
And i cannot forget
So don’t remind me
Don’t say the things that were said
Show me the love you showed me in my head
Make me live my dream, my fantasy
Don’t speak

I’ll cook that delicious food
Give you that good tight entrapping pussy
I’m yours, do as you will
My principles are secondary to your needs
Just don’t say them
Don’t remind me of that sickness
That darkness, that holocaust
Don’t speak

Ohhh don’t get me wrong i do love you so
Holding me just like i wanted
Marveling at the swell of my breasts
Dying for my skin against yours
Just the way i like it
You know me so well
But don’t remind me
Let it out like a dragon’s spit
Make me turn my head, dissapointed
Don’t speak

You spoke and my heart sank
Said it just like memory did
So i must go
But i don’t want to
Your kiss tells me this is where i belong
I can’t stay
Will not be reminded of the forgotten

Dialogue: 25th January

Hello maakyi i think you’re pretty
How can i help you? I am in a hurry

May i know today’s date?
25th January. I must go now, i am late

My name is Bra Kwame
i see, but how does that information benefit me?

Erm may i know your name?
I cant play your game

Oh my dear, m’pawuts3w wai
Sorry i have to be going, your style is very dry

Wait, where do you live?
That i’m afraid i will not give

What’s your PIN? are you on BB?
Let go of my hand, don’t be grabby

I just want to know you
By stepping on my shoe?

Sorry! I mistook it for a pebble
Well i must leave, you’re too much trouble

Hey beautiful lady. how come we keep meeting?
At the same place and time, are you stalking?

No i was passing through. Is this your home?
It’s not. I came to redeem a loan

Let me give you a ride
Do you even know where i reside?

No. But you can show me the way
I’m on my way to get some Payee

I’ll take you. Chicken and spice
My preference is fish and rice

Your smile makes my heart skip a beat
Flattery sets my neck in heat

The world i will lay at your call
Only if you allow your heart to fall

That has already happened, you’re bad
i am because you refuse to make me sad

Come here you, give me that neck
Hahaha i tickle when i get that peck

Hmm you made me cry for this sweetness
You will cry more but it will be a release of happiness

Raging admiration

You’re beautiful, precious
An infectious smile that never quivers or wanes
Skin like caramelized porcelain
Such brightness and radiance
Throwing all that care-free sheen in ceremony
I envy you, i do
But i’m not you, and all i really want
No, all i really need is to touch you
Run the pads of my fingers on that silken smoothness
Close my eyes and wonder how such perfection could exist
Let me worship you and be your slave

I steal glances at you
When your god-awful jokes induce awkwardness
Haha, it makes you dimple with slight embarassment
There i see the imperfection
Lack of humour and comic genious
And i hate it, i do
What’s a world without laughter?
How do you survive daily without humour?
Ah yes. i know how
It’s that body, makes up for every blunder you make
Let me succumb to you and grovel

You hardly notice me really
Too busy being seen
The darkness in the corner is a forgotten blur
Watching, loving, lusting, wanting
My skin raises in bumps at the sound of your titter
It riles me, it does
Living in a world of your own
Ignoring the hit and runs
But such flare and display of life
It’s contagious and consuming
Let me take it and use it

You must see this passion
Haven’t i been obvious enough?
Obscuring myself in the background
Hoping to catch your curiosity
Make you want to step into the darkness with me
If you don’t get, too late
I’ll walk on and continue my story elsewhere
Where passion is seen from afar
Interest is nurtured and nursed at the breast
And i promise you’ve missed out on something stirring
Your loss, my loss, their gain, my gain