Magic on X’mas eve

She walked into the room full of people. Lights everywhere, Christmas is such a festive moment. No matter where you are and where you from, it’s always special. She continued her walk into the room, smiling at known and unknown faces. Basking in the admiration she saw in everybody’s eyes when they look at her. Her dress, a soft turquoise strapless gown, carelessly brushing her bosom and accentuating her voluptuousness. She turned around on her heels, throwing her head back to admire the chandeliers and there he was. First thought that crossed her mind, he’s not handsome. She didn’t like the fact that he was staring and gave him a straight disapproving stare. He smiled and started looking elsewhere. She walked to the serving table for some hors d’oeuvres.

She hummed to the music as she popped some mini pizzas into her mouth. She couldn’t help but think, ‘Hmm, this is an amazing party. Gotta get me a good looking man to dance with, maybe leave a lasting impression on him.’ So she downed her glass of champagne and took another twirl on her heels and that was when her night overturned. For some reason, she lost her balance, twisted a heel and landed on her knee. Wait, she didn’t really land on her knee, because she felt a strong arm on her shoulder, her knee barely brushing the floor. She looks up to thank her savior and it was him again ‘Mr. Not Handsome’.

He still had the same smile on his face, this time staring at her cleavage. And of course since she was on one knee, wearing a strapless dress without a bra, he was having a field day. She managed a somewhat graceful movement that brought her to his eye level and mumbled a thank you. His reply, ‘Don’t you just love Christmas parties?’ She looked into his face and the smile was still there, she thought again ‘This guy is not very handsome.’ He still had that smirk on his face and she was beginning to think that he’s making fun of her. She run her hands down her dress to study her nerves and managed an answer to his question. ‘Well, Christmas is a festive moment.’ She said with a stiff smile.

He was watching every move with intense interest, like he’d never seen a woman run her hands down her dress. She found it interesting that she couldn’t read any sexual innuendo in his eyes. Just intense interest.

‘Thank you once again,’ she said. ‘For what?’ He asked. ‘For breaking my fall, you know.’ ‘You welcome, you wanna dance?’

The alarms went off in her head and she thought to herself ‘Okay, take a break; I mean literarily, put your feet on the break paddle. Is this guy actually asking me to dance? Ok he’s smooth, very smooth. I’ll dance with him, just once; take that confident smirk off his face if nothing else.’

She smiled back at him and moved to the dance floor. But he stood there his right hand in his pocket, watching her. She stopped moving and raised her eye brow in question. He took two long steps and he was front of her, Her breath caught in her throat. At that moment, she knew she always had a bit of a weakness for a man in a suit with his hand in his pocket. He was still staring at her cleavage when he talked. ‘I asked you to dance, you didn’t say anything.’ He said softly, looking at her when he said the last words. Her smile weakened, this is guy is suave.  She put up a confident look and said ‘Sure. Why not?’

And they dancedJ. This was such an unexpected twist. She never would have seen herself enjoying his company considering the fact that she didn’t find his looks appealing enough. They danced till she couldn’t move on her stilettos anymore. ‘I’m having a good time with you.’ He leaned close to her face and whispered. Guess what she did, she leaned closer to him and parted her lips just a little bit. He looked down at her soft inviting lips, and she could swear she heard a growl come from deep within his throat, and then he leaned closerJ.

Let’s back track a bit. Do you know what she went through to get tickets to this party for herself and her best friend? Apologies to my readers if it wasn’t mentioned it in the earlier paragraphs. The writer was a bit distracted, by the story. What with the lights, food, drink and all those other interesting elements of the story, it’s a wonder that has come up now. Ok, she hustled an ex boyfriend who’s still smitten for the tickets. She certainly couldn’t bring herself to go alone but she desperately didn’t want to be caught sitting at home alone on Christmas. So she went shopping, bought the perfect dress, perfect shoes, painted her nails and got ready for the night. Party was supposed to start at 8pm, she was ready at 6pm.

She couldn’t wait. She knew she looked amazing, totally irresistible. She couldn’t wait for all the anticipated attention she’s gonna be getting at this party. And what excited her more, just ignoring all of those admiring eyes and having a good old fashioned time.  She called in a taxi and they left home for the party at about 7:30am. Wait, but she didn’t head straight to the party. It will not be a good look to arrive at a party way earlier than even scheduled.

So they went over for an early night Chinese food. Don’t assume she loves food, which will not be a crime by the way. The party was a cocktail soiree; the last thing she wanted to happen was to be swayed by her first glass of wine due to an empty stomach. So they had some hot Chinese food, got some wine to go with the meal. She was flushed and ready to party. They got to the party at 10.00pm and it was in full bloom. They rushed out of the taxi and were quickly ushered into the lights. They were so excited.

The moment they stepped foot at the party, they part ways. Promising to meet later during the night, they left plans on how to go home open. It was Christmas, a special moment that happens once a year and they were both having their own special moment. It was about 3am in the morning and they were driving on the quiet streets on her neighbourhood. She still didn’t know where her best friend was.

He stopped the car in the middle of the street, turned around and asked in the softest voice ever. ‘Could you step out of the car?’ She gave him a puzzled look. He said, ‘Trust me.’ They got down from his car, he took those knee weakening strong strides to her side of the car and said. ‘I apologize; I can’t wait till you get home’. He touched her stomach, moved his hands to the small of her back and pulled her towards him. She couldn’t take her eyes off him and couldn’t breathe. She felt him take in a deep breath and hold it, he clenched his jaw as if in control and then that throaty sound again. She felt his face touch hers, sensed his perfume or aftershave and then felt his lips on hers. And then there was magic.


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